Monday, December 13, 2010

Did Mktg Ruin the Law's Image? Did Advertising Kill Atticus Finch?

When olde lawyers start blaming Marketing for destroying the venerated, Atticus Finch image of the legal profession, starting around 1977 with the Bates case,  I like to point them toward evidence like this 1906 card:  

"HERE'S to the LAWYER"
Virtue in the Middle
Said the Devil as
He Seated Himself Between 
Two Lawyers

It's not that Law isn't a terrific profession, but the weak are always looking to take the strong down a peg.  For all the good work lawyers do, we have long been fortunate to hold a powerful position in society.

I think it's understandable for some people to be a tiny bit jealous.

So let's not blame newsletters and firm brochures for any perceived decline -- maybe The Good Old Days weren't quite as bright as our grandpas might have us believe.

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