Friday, December 10, 2010

Topless Law Firm Marketing

Sometimes you come across some pretty unusual law firm marketing memorabilia.

I thought this piece was a bit surprising.  Does anyone know anything about Neil Price, a Johnstown, PA lawyer from the 1960s or 70s, maybe (judging from the hairstyle)?

The first nudity in law firm marketing, perhaps?

Please have him contact me; I'd like to learn more about what kind of practice he had, who his target audience was, and how this marketing piece was received.  The original wasn't blurred, of course.

OK, I got so many requests for the original version, I added it below.  Scroll down for it.

Not suitable for the office, obviously.

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  1. So Ross, where'd you get it? Do they sell vintage lawyer marketing memorabilia on ebay?
    ;-) Amy Knapp

  2. I've been collecting vintage lawyer marketing materials for 20 years. I have some that actually dates back to the late 17th century.

    I find it all quite fascinating - but that's probably why people avoid me at cocktail parties.

  3. After getting so many comments requesting the uncensored original, I've uploaded a link to it via the original post.

  4. The Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board lists a Neil Werner Price of Johnstown, admitted 1981, whose license to practice law was suspended for 5 years in 1999:

  5. Thanks, Glomarization.

    Good catch! I hadn't seen this information before. Presuming that it's the same Neil Price from Johnstown, PA, it's also reported at: Interesting.