Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Using your ad campaign in a holiday card. MBHB's red brackets.

I've never cared for McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff's logo – it's another of what I call the "huge initials, tiny name"-style design.  I think big, vibrant initials or marks distract visually from what I want people to notice and remember, which is the firm name.  "The Street" calls the firm "McDonnell Boehnen," not MBHB or MHBM, or whatever.  But hey, I could be wrong.

Regardless, I like the strong red brackets, and how they've picked it up as the visual theme in their ads, below, and website which they replicated in their holiday card.  Here's an example of their ad campaign alongside their 2010-11 holiday card: 

                        Ad Design                            2011 Holiday Card

Below is as their clever 2007 card which has a nice "reveal" to it. The cover has a die-cut window showing an inviting holiday home and family -- which, when opened, is revealed to be a snow-globe within a beaker.  It cleverly connects to their IP practice, without ruining the card's festive intention. Congrats to Marketing Director Megan McKeon.

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