Monday, January 17, 2011

Hidden Meanings in 12 Popular Logos

How many of you have ever noticed the arrow secretly designed into the FedEx logo?  You see this logo every day, but less than half the people I've asked have ever noticed it.  It's genius.

Similarly, there's a "31" designed into the Baskin Robbins logo, and the arrow/grin underlining Amazon's logo connects A-Z, connoting the range of its products. I also appreciated the "11" designed into the Big Ten logo when it grew from 10 to 11 teams.

Here's a post that shows these logos and more, with explanations and links.  Nice collection.

I'll discuss some of my favorite law firm logos down the road.  We should all aspire to this level of quality, creativity, and sophistication.

Within our own professional-services firm restrictions, of course.

As I always say, "conservative doesn't have to mean boring."

* (c) Getty Images and AP. Thanks.

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