Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Condoms - and Creative Law Marketing

In honor of February's National Condom Month, we resurrect one of the legal profession's most controversial marketing campaigns. (With a hat tip to Julian Assange.)

Law firm marketing has had many envelope-pushing examples over the years that have helped shape the boundaries. An early parameter-pusher was Jay Lawrence Friedheim, a stand-up comedian turned lawyer and Republican candidate for Hawaiian Senate (1998, 2004, and 2006).

Friedheim brought his comic approach to his early-90s marketing efforts.  He creatively executed his maritime-law slogan, "Saving Seamen the old-fashioned way" with a matchbook containing a condom.  Offering "Matchless Protection," it was both an eye-catcher and buzz-builder. He was kind enough to send me one back then when he launched the campaign.

Also notice his abbreviating his middle name, Lawrence, to simply "Law."  He was "Jay Law" before there was a J-Lo:

Another example was Friedheim's thoroughly non-traditional business card - showing his photo on the front, with "Important Phone Numbers" on the back.  Those include President Clinton, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Queen Elizabeth II, Pope John Paul II, and . . . Jay Friedheim. 

You know, it'd be fun to watch him in the US Senate.  I wonder what he'd use as a direct mailer if he'd run as a Tea Party candidate...

The above images are all (c) Jay Lawrence Friedheim.

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