Monday, November 28, 2011

Is shampoo more interesting than a law firm?

There are few products more inherently boring than shampoo. 

It’s soap. 

For your hair

Yet there have been some notable efforts over the years to differentiate it, or make shampoo seem more interesting or useful.  Clairol Herbal Essences took this to a ridiculous extreme (click here for a link), and significantly grew its market share.

Perhaps my favorite example is this Thai television commercial for Pantene's "Chrysalis" shampoo, in which a young deaf woman triumphantly learns to play the violin.  If this doesn’t move you, you’re made of stone - it’s four minutes long and absolutely worth watching in its entirety.  Click here.  

My point is - Law is a profession full of real drama and incredible achievements. 

Lawyers deal with human tragedy and success on an almost-daily basis.  We make astonishing business and technological achievements possible and help the weak overcome unimaginable odds.  Without lawyers, entire industries wouldn’t exist and global transactions wouldn’t be possible.  We help our clients accomplish absolutely amazing things.

So - if Pantene can make you cry while selling a low-end commodity like soap, why is most lawyer marketing so bland and boring? 

Images (c) Pantene and Clairol


November 28 update:
A soapy-headed hat tip to Above the Law for the Non-Sequitors mention and the hilarious accompanying photo:

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