Monday, January 14, 2013

I love the fork in your firm's logo.

I pulled this out of the archives from a couple years ago, but thought it was worth a quick look.

While clearly not seeking to win a Most Creative Card Design competition, Verrill Dana's simple 2010 holiday card design informs recipients that the firm is donating to the United Way and its "food-based assistance programs."  A good cause and a warm sentiment for the holidays.

Frankly, what I like best about the card is how the firm creatively and festively modified the logo to reinforce this message, below.  

It's clever, supports the holiday message, and is thoroughly in keeping with the holiday.  Little creative touches like that can turn a typical card into something unique and much more interesting.

Bonus points to Marketing Director Gretchen Johnson!

While branding purists would consider a logo sacrosanct and untouchable, I opt for a more practical philosophy.  Here, without messing up the design, they've temporarily made the firm name more memorable.  Nike does this regularly, Here and here are a couple interesting examples, although I'm not sure who created them.

Even McDonald's is changing its logo temporarily in Australia to use its Aussie nickname ("Maccas") to celebrate Australia Day.

We didn't design this card, but we like it a lot.  On a separate note, if you guys ever want to see how to develop a campaign for a firm whose first name is Virile, give me a call . . .


 All images (c) 2013 Verrill Dana LLP.

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