Ross is a genius. He is one of the most creative minds in legal marketing, having won more LMA "Your Honor Awards" than anyone else alive. Ross's presentation on law firm branding is brilliant and the best I've ever seen. He's funny, insightful and fun to work with. He received LMA's first Hall of Fame award for contributions to the profession. Plus, he's a great guy. Thanks Ross, for all you have done for legal marketing.
Mark Beese, Chief Marketing Officer, Holland & Hart, Denver

Ross has a stronger sense of what will create ‘buzz’ than anyone else in the market.  Rather than work with cookie-cutter solutions, Ross takes the time to understand what makes your firm unique, and then give you the tools for generating enthusiasm both inside and outside the firm.  The results, as he’s shown time and again, are sure to be outstanding - and tangible.
Richard P. Klau, Strategic Content Acquisition, Google, Inc.

Ross did the impossible! He got every partner to participate and create a vision for the firm as a whole.  Ross motivated the partners to be proactive rather than reactive to inevitable changes in the practice of law.  We worked as a team to develop a concept of the firm and a method to communicate our concept to our current and prospective clients.  From “buy in” to “execution,” Ross kept the partners focused every step of the way.  He remains our prime resource for strategic planning and marketing. [See also LawFirmSpeakers.com.]
Dick Horwood, Managing Partner, Horwood Marcus & Berk, Chicago

Ross did a fabulous job of guiding our firm through the branding process.  He was able to elicit great “buy in” from our attorneys, thereby greatly expediting the process.  His presentation on branding turned a firm of skeptics into believers.  He has the unique ability to take a firm through the branding process, from buy-in to implementation.  He was amazing!
Pamela McCarthy, Marketing Director, Klehr Harrison, Philadelphia

Ross Fishman is a truly visionary marketing consultant who instinctively knows how to help professional service firms differentiate themselves in unique and wonderful ways. His fearless approach helped my firm put a new service offering on the map - blazing a trail for us in a crowded marketplace. Simply put, Ross rocks!
Tracey Segarra, Marketing Director, Citrin Cooperman & Company, New York

We think the world of Ross. He has been responsive, creative, and right on budget. After training the entire firm on innovative marketing strategies, he interviewed all of our attorneys and quickly identified our culture and created a marketing plan perfectly suited for our firm. We have done a total recreation of the branding of our firm and have already hired two laterals as a result of same and we haven’t even rolled out the total campaign yet, nor have we opened our new website.  We have previously worked with two other local and regional marketing firms and found him to be far superior to them due to his clear understanding of the legal profession. I would highly recommend him without hesitation.
Marc Yussman, Marketing Partner, Goldberg Simpson, Louisville, KY

There’s nobody better at advertising and branding than Ross Fishman.
Judy Imhof, Marketing Director, Lukins & Annis, Spokane, WA

You da man.  Your work was spectacular, we can't thank you enough.  I'd be calling you every day if I called every time we got positive comments from clients and contacts about the ads or web sites for the campaigns.
Terry O'Connor, Marketing partner, Noland Hamerly, Salinas, CA

We are an innovative firm and we seek marketing assistance from someone who shares that vision.  Ross has made a dramatic impact in our focus and has helped us launch many significant and successful branding and positioning campaigns. Without Fishman Marketing, we would not be nearly as successful.
Bryan Schwartz, Chairman, Levenfeld Pearlstein, Chicago

Ross brings fresh, aggressive ideas to the marketing arena.
Dennis Gallitano, Chair, Technology Practice, Piper Rudnick, Chicago

We have sought advice from him on a number of matters and he can always be relied upon to provide practical, yet creative, suggestions.  I would not hesitate to recommend Ross to other firms.
Susan B. Livingston, Marketing Partner, Balch & Bingham, Birmingham, AL

I have never met anyone in law firm marketing who was more imaginative than Ross.  While his ideas are edgy, they still convey the professionalism required of lawyers.  It’s tough to accomplish both.
Michael Freeborn, Managing Partner, Freeborn & Peters, Chicago

I hired Ross to extend my reach when I had no bandwidth to execute on a major firm initiative.  Ross is not only a quick study, he is a major creative talent and brought so much to the table, it was overloaded with ideas before we were through.  He has superb personal skills and interfaces well with people throughout every level of an organization.  He is an equally talented writer and produced an abundance of collateral materials in a very short turnaround.
And this was not your “chop wood, carry water” garden variety marketing project.  My firm had decided to take on the challenge of “marketizing” its recruiting function.  No one had done this before.  We were designing a program from the ground up.  I can think of no one else in the country who could have partnered with me so effectively and delivered so much in the totally lunatic time frame we committed to.
What I like best about Ross is that he allows me to do more because he is so focused and purposeful.  While he is a thought-leader and communicator, he does not just analyze, recommend, or deliver ersatz wisdom from the 50,000-foot level.  He executes.  At netspeed and with good humor.  I can think of no higher praise.
Diane Hamlin, former CMO, Fenwick & West, Palo Alto, CA

I’ve known Ross for many years and have always profited from his practical advice.  He’s the leader in training lawyers to focus on building their practices.  Ross has one of the nation’s most creative minds for advertising and branding.
Larry Bodine, former Director of Communications, Sidley & Austin, Chicago

Ross is an innovator, consistently discovering the next level of law marketing.
William Hornsby, Staff Counsel, American Bar Association

As a 200-lawyer firm, we wanted to focus our marketing efforts.  We needed a consultant who had the expertise, judgment and personality to coordinate the efforts of 200 diverse and decidedly opinionated attorneys.  The herder of cats has a much easier job.  Ross Fishman helped us implement a client services program, prepare a communications strategy, and train our lawyers.  He was creative, perceptive, and most importantly, patient.  I would highly recommend Ross to any firm. 
Rod Heard, Partner and Chairman of the Client Services Committee, Wildman, Harrold, Allen, & Dixon, Chicago

Your presentation provided me with the enthusiasm to push my firm to engage in a more creative approach to advertising and marketing...thanks for the highlights and the motivation to have a little more fun with our marketing.
Chris Pelosi, Marketing Director, Rachlin Cohen & Holtz, Accountants, Miami

After spending numerous hours and money trying to instill the concept of marketing within my firm, I decided to branch out and hire a consultant. The firm had not brought in a “marketing” consultant before so it was new territory.  I knew that in order to sell the consultant idea, I had to find the right person -- someone the attorneys could relate to and respect.  I hired Ross Fishman.  It was the single-best marketing thing that ever happened to that firm. [See also LawFirmSpeakers.com.]
Aleisha Gravit, marketing manager, Gibson Dunn & Crutcher (formerly Marketing Director, Gorsuch Kirgis), Denver

Fishman Marketing creates the best marketing product around.  Ross has the ability to create interesting, thought-provoking and useful programs and concepts for a wide range of players in the legal field.
Steven Borkan, Marketing Partner, Stellato & Schwartz, Chicago

Ross’ understanding of the legal marketplace and marketing acumen are first rate.  Ross goes beyond strategic marketing and delivers results marketing.  Ross’s creativity and experience make him a thought leader in the field. 
Scott Stieler, Chief Operating Officer, LexisONE.com, New Jersey

Ross takes law firms’ marketing from polyester to Brooks Brothers.  Ross proves that creative law firm marketing is no longer a contradiction in terms.
John Buckley, litigation partner, Ungaretti & Harris, Chicago

Ross is well known for his creative and innovative branding and advertising strategies. 
Stephanie Storkel, Executive Director, Pedersen & Houpt, Chicago

Ross Fishman combines his skills as a lawyer with great common sense about what people want to know about a firm. He is innovative, creative, and accessible to engage in strategic and tactical planning and marketing.
Mike Coffield, Coffield & Associates, Chicago

Ross is one of the brightest, most creative people in the business.  He's also a very nice person who will provide the outstanding client service law firm marketers demand.   He has practiced law, been an in-house marketer, and has been on his own providing service to law firms for many years, which means he understands the thought processes and needs of everyone at your table.  I would recommend him above all the others.
Nancy Myrland, Myrland Marketing, Indianapolis

I'm in my 21st year of law firm "branding."  In that time I've run into a lot of folks who claim to help law firms develop distinctive and effective positioning strategies. Of those, there is a small handful who really know what they're talking about.  There are even fewer who have succeeded more than once, and Ross Fishman is one of that very elite group.
Mark T. Greene, O'Melveny & Myers LLP, Washington DC

You da man.  Your Lettuce Law work was spectacular, we can't thank you enough.  I'd be calling you every day if I called every time we got positive comments from clients and contacts about the ads or web sites for the firm-wide or Lettuce Law campaigns.
Terry O'Connor, Marketing partner, Noland Hamerly, Salinas, CA

The most awesome, creative, award winning, innovative web designer is Ross Fishman. Run and contact Fishman Marketing!!
Stacy Clark, Stacy Clark Marketing LLC, Philadelphia (LMA listserv post)

"Small but Mightysm" indeed.  You fit the bill in your area of expertise every bit as much as we do in ours.  You and your staff's efforts on our behalf were exceptional, and I know this is just the beginning of a lot more collaboration and excitement.  As I already told you in person, what impressed me most about working with you was your ability to convince our lawyers to pursue a long-term integrated marketing campaign.  Thanks again, and I'll be in touch soon.
Eric N. Macey, Managing Partner, Novack and Macey, Chicago

Ross had a tough crowd to convince that branding would be the best way to go for our firm, but not only did he convince the shareholders that an "image" is what we needed, Ross made them excited about it and immediately created the buzz we needed.  Ross related well with the attorneys and with his legal background, they were willing to listen!  I would recommend Ross to any firm, large or small, old school or cutting edge - he will tailor his program to meet your needs and more importantly, get results!
Courtney Colombo, Marketing Manager, Sandberg, Phoenix & von Gontard, St. Louis

Your presence instills a confidence in people that I have not seen in any previous ventures. You turn them into believers, which is a huge part of the battle.
Patrick Bavaro-Phelan, Marketing Director, Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria, Buffalo, NY